Monday 13  January 2020
09:00 – 17:00
Les Canaux, 6 Quai de la Seine
75019 Paris, France

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Biodiversity, Data and Knowledge

How do we make a place for nature in the modern city? In this symposium on green
cities, biodiversity, and data, hosted by the European research project BIOVEINS, we examine the increasing mediation of nature management through data. We consider how to interpret and use existing biodiversity datasets, how they can interact with other datasets in urban contexts, and when to use data at all. What are the advantages and limitations of different forms of data, and how can we best use complementary forms of data, analysis and knowledge?

There will be two parts to the conference. The morning session will bring together experts in applied issues of urban biodiversity and management. Many research projects generate data on how to incorporate biodiversity and ecosystem functioning into urban spaces, yet of all the green development challenges, integrating nature into cities seems to be the hardest to move from data to implementation.

In the afternoon we will examine connections between biodiversity data and broader, more conceptual issues around the meeting of nature, urban spaces and data futures. This will be an interdisciplinary conversation between social scientists, artists and philosophers who examine this links in their work.



Greening Cities is hosted by BIOVEINS, a project that asks how to cities can care for nature while nature cares for cities. BIOVEINS aims to provide, together with local stakeholders, the knowledge to identify the critical features of green and blue infrastructure (GBI), to guide the establishment, management and restoration of GBI, and to mitigate the effects of major urban global challenges, like habitat fragmentation, air pollution, and urban heat islands. Learn more at the BIOVEINS Blog:

Les Canaux

Les Canaux est la maison des économies solidaires et innovantes fédère tous les entrepreneurs qui placent l'humain et la planète au coeur de leur activité. Nous soutenons les acteurs économiques engagés pour la solidarité et la planète. We support economic actors committed to solidarity and to the planet. Learn more at:

Dovetail Labs

Dovetail Labs is a mission-driven, independent social enterprise dedicated to shaping technology for the human good. We bring social science insights & social justice commitments to bear on the significant social impacts of technology - in order to build a more just and equitable world. Our green cities initiative, Pigeonlab, applies systems design thinking, socio-ecological data, and ethnographic research to create strategic green solutions to urban development challenges. Learn more at


6 Quai de la Seine 75019 Paris, France

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